Stacy Dawn Design


Creative.  Passionate.  Hands-on.


Stacy Dawn Allen is a highly creative and multi-talented graphic designer with extensive knowledge in branding and marketing for both large and small scale companies. With over a decade of experience, Stacy’s reputation confirms she is a visionary and an inventive ally for those clients who she serves. She has exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills and is a dynamic team player who excels in telling clients’ unique stories. She is skilled in both client and vendor relationships and takes pride in her ability to work with both in order to create a synergetic environment that produces results.

For the past 13 years, Stacy has had the opportunity to design projects for a wide range of satisfied clients, including Baker Hughes, BP, Kimberly Clark, Inexs, Woodgroup, Graco and Invesco. She also has a strong passion for partnering with non-profits, and has volunteered on projects involving the Episcopal Dioceses and Texas Center for the Missing.  

Stacy’s business goal is to steward phenomenal projects and partnerships that reflect her affinity for the design industry she holds dear. Her personal goals include continued growth as a yoga instructor as she perfects her practice to share with the Houston community. Stacy can be found teaching at BIG Power Yoga, independent gyms and continuing her stand up paddle boarding certifications.